My daughter who survived and in memory of the family and friends I’ve lost. - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

I paint rocks to spread joy and love in my community. And when I saw your post to my local rock group, I just had to contribute some rocks to the cause. Suicide has touched my life. I’ve lost two aunts and a couple friends as well to suicide. My sons best friend attempted twice and both times my son was able to get him help before it was too late. My daughters college roommate lost her boyfriend to suicide. And even though my daughter didn’t know him real well, it still crushed her. Then a year ago, I received a call from my youngest child’s school counselor that she had taken more of her medication then prescribed hoping to end her life. Thankfully she was on a very low dose and even after taking a double dose, was still in her therapeutic range and was unharmed. Painting rocks has been a form of therapy for me as well as a way to bring smiles to my family, friends, neighbors and community.