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It is our goal to train as many Mental Health First Aid Instructors as possible – unfortunately that is not free.

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    “We are dedicated to increasing suicide awareness and prevention through outreach, education, and improving mental health care accessibility.”

    5: Education, COVID, and Mental Health in 2020

    5: Education, COVID, and Mental Health in 2020

    The entire debacle of the CoronaVirus tied to the education system across America is leaving some parents quite frankly losing their minds. In this episode, we will go into exactly what you can do to maintain your sanity as well as how to help your students in such a...

    Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

    Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

    I learned over the past few years that necessity really is the mother of invention. Diagnosed with anorexia and psychosis, I endured two eight-week hospitalizations and almost six months at a residential treatment center. None of these places did an adequate job...

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