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New To Rock Painting?

We have some tips and pointers for you to get started!

I found a rock! What now?

Post your finds to our group! You can keep or rehid them. It’s up to the finder if they want to keep it or rehide it.

Where can I find rocks to paint?

Home Depot and Lowes have big bags of rocks for $10-$15. It’s a good idea to wash these before painting.

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have small bags in their floral sections for $2.99. You can use their 40% off coupon to get a better deal.

Dollar Tree and Dollar General have bags of rocks for $1. These have a film on them and need to be washed (some boil off the film) before painting.

Local landscape businesses may sell small batches of rocks, find them as this is a great resource.

Please do not take rocks from private property. This would include business and personal property. It’s against the law to take rocks from state and national parks. Collecting at river beds, creeks or beaches is a great option!

What kind of paint should I use?

Acrylic paint or enamel paint. You can get 12 packs of paint from Michael’s for $8. Use their 40% off coupon for a better deal. Wal-Mart has 2oz bottles of acrylic paint for 50 cents a bottle. Paint Pens and Alcohol Ink are other popular options which can be easily purchased on Amazon!

How can I seal the rocks?

Clear spray sealant like Krylon’s or Rustoleum works very well! If you use sharpies on your rocks please allow time to dry or the pen will smear. A layer of mod podge helps to stop ink from running. With sealant ALWAYS read the directions carefully because humidity and temperature affects dry times. There are many other brush-on and Resin sealing options as well!!

What should I TAG on the bottom?

We have lables you can put on the bottom of your rock, you can download those HERE to print and glue to the bottom OR you can write things like Share on FB, Keep or Rehide, #JYLFROCKS or the Crisis Hotline # or Text #.

Where should I hide the rocks?

You can hide pretty much anywhere outside but please be respectful. Also think about where you are hiding. You don’t want to hide in an unsafe place or area where you or the finder would be in danger. Please do not hide inside retail stores. We want to be respectful in all aspects of kindness rocking. There are fines associated with hiding in National Parks so please don’t. Disneyland does not allow Kindness Rocks to be hidden in their parks either, so just dont.

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Charlene from Illinois

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