Milestones - Joshua York Legacy Foundation


JYLF Launches Strengthening Lives With Love Podcast
SPR Reaches 20,000 Members

20,000 members in all U.S. States and 81 Countries around the world.

JYLF Hosts Live Celebrity Art Auction Fundraiser
JYLF Brings SPR to Essex Day
JYLF and 519 Worldwide Rock Painting Groups Disburse SPR Rocks for International Suicide Prevention Day
SPR Reaches 15,000 Members

15,000 members in all U.S. States and 58 Countries around the world.

JYLF Records Radio Interview with 98 Rock Baltimore
JYLF Records Podcast with Boomer Perrault: Unapologetically Me: A Mental Health Podcast
JYLF is Primary Guest on the Bob Paff Show, WCBM-AM 680
JYLF Begins Coordinating “Rock The World” for Suicide Prevention
JYLF Records 2nd Podcast Entitled “Strengthening Lives With Love – Recap” with Johnny D, The Motivational Cowboy
JYLF Launches Angel Project
JYLF Brings SPR to Perry Hall Towne Fair
JYLF Brings SPR to Baltimore HonFest
JYLF Awards Four Scholarships to Eastern Tech HS Graduates
SPR Reaches 10,000 Members
JYLF Supports “Living The Dream” Foundation’s Annual 5K with SPR Outreach in Culpepper, VA
SPR Art Therapy Outreach Event at Towson State University
JYLF Participates in Maryland State Capitol Day

JYLF Co-Founder, William York, assists AFSP in educating legislators on suicide prevention.

JYLF Brings Motivational Speaker, Joshua Spears, to Maryland Schools

During the week of February 5-8, motivation/suicide prevention speaker, Joshua Spears, presents to three Baltimore County High Schools reaching 5,000 student, parents and educators.

SPR Reaches 5,000 Members
JYLF Records 1st podcast entitled “Strengthening Lives With Love” with Johnny D, The Motivational Cowboy
2nd Live Radio Gueast Appearance on the Bob Paff Show, WCBM-AM 680
First SPR Art Therapy High School Event at Eastern Tech HS, Essex, MD
JYLF Co-Founder Presents to Towson State University Organizations
First College Outreach Event at Virginia Commonwealth University
Received IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
First SPR Art Therapy Community Outreach Event
First Live Radio Guest Appearance on the Bob Paff Show, WCBM-AM 680
Exceeded Initial Scholarship Fundraising Goal in 30 Days

The JYLF Board established an initial goal of raising $5,000 to initiate the JYLF scholarship program.  The JYLF exceed all expectations raising $8,000 in just 30 days.

Suicide Prevention Rocks Created on Facebook

JYLF Co-Founder, Dawn York, began using art therapy in the form of painting kindness rocks with her younger children to help them cope with the loss of their brother.  The "kindness rocks" first painted were painted to help prevent others from acting on suicidal ideations.  In doing so, the group

Founded as Maryland Charitable Corporation
First Impromptu Fundraiser