Joe Walker - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

40 painted rocks in remembrance of our son’s friend, classmate, baseball teammate, Joe Walker. 40 was one of his jersey number. Yellow butterflies (20, another one of his jersey number) symbolizing his presence because that’s all we saw when we said our goodbyes and he continued to show up at baseball games during our son’s senior year of high school and throughout college. And til this day, a yellow butterfly comes around and brings a smile to our face.“Never give up”. A promise made and kept from my son to Joe. Love, hope, other words of encouragement, flowers and tree to represent life, and a baseball with the # 40 on it. We will keep his spirit alive. Forever in our hearts JW40. Always Baseball Ohana ⚾️💛🦋

Josephine Manaois
Elk Grove rocks!!
Elk Grove, CA