a friend - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Words of encouragement that some may need. The semicolon is incorporated in all the rocks. I wanted these rocks to tell others
•You Are Loved
•u;r loved (One of my favorite. I came up with this one because I wanted to use the semicolon differently. I think it works perfectly for this group)
•You Matter
•Never Give Up; Life Rocks
•You need to affirm every day “I AM LOVED”
•choose to continue (semicolon in heart)
•Sending lots of LOVE out into the universe and I hope it finds you.

Please know that you are not alone. That there is more to come in life no matter what you’re going through. There is more to your story. Reach out. Talk to someone. And if that person is reaching out to you, LISTEN and BE THERE for that person. You never know what someone is going through until you listen. I’m glad I listened.

Josephine Manaois
Elk Grove rocks!!
Elk Grove, CA