David Shillings - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Date of Birth: 07/21/1974
Date of Death: 01/09/1993

About this Angel:
My brother was amazing. He was an artist he saw every minute detail in the world. He sent drawings that looked like photographs. I think the problem with seeing such detail, you see a lot of the bad stuff in the world.
My parents are divorce and throughout our lives both battled addictions and mental health issues. He moved up to my dad’s when he was 16 (trying to get him “out of trouble”) and ended up out of school and dealing with dad’s angry alcoholic rages. He left an abusive home and the new one wasn’t what he expected. 17 years old and he thought there was nothing left to love for. I rushed our last phone call, because I had to get to school. The last day I takes to him I rushed it and for years I thought about what I could have done of I hadn’t rushed, but as a grow up I know it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t should on myself. What I could do is try to help others know they have help and that’s why I’m a social worker. His life will not be for naught.