David Fox - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Date of Birth: 08/14/1955
Date of Death: 10/25/2011

About this Angel:
My Dad loved teaching us skills of patience like how to cook homemade food, go shooting and fishing. We enjoyed passing time being silly, hanging out laughing & cracking jokes, jamming out singing, just having fun being happy together! He passed inherent “Fox-like” traits down to all 3 of his children like having the most warming smile that lights up a room with such an infectious personality people are drawn to it, like the light shown in loving excitement through your eyes. He ultimately lost the fight against Bi-Polar Disorder like many others everyday. We did not understand the severity of pain our loved ones felt the depths of nor how to process in what ways could we truly help make change? Painting Suicide Prevention rocks in his memory is my part in helping spread not only happiness, but most importantly AWARENESS to the community! #endstigma #startarealconvo