Cory Ryan Busby - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Date of Birth: 01/28/1985
Date of Death: 03/30/2018

About this Angel:
From the time he was born he struggled with life. He came into this world almost 3 months early I was 26 weeks along when he made his entrance. He was pretty sick for a while but after 3 months in the NICU we finally were able to go. His first year was hard, in and out of the hospital. As a toddler he was so sweet. Always cuddly as he grew he always stayed sweet and loving. Loved to share whatever he had. As an adult that never changed. He helped several of his friends get off drugs. I never knew that. At his service they came to me and told me what he had done for them. All he ever wanted was to be a father so when he finally did he was beyond happy. Then things didn’t go as planned and he wasn’t able to be in his daughters life. We all watched him sink further down but never in a million years would we have thought he would do what he did. I know he is watching over us all . I know he can now see his daughters any time he wants. I know he loved them more then he loved life. Cory Ryan.. My son. Forever 33