Chris Patton - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Date of Birth: 11/10/1967
Date of Death: 07/16/2018

About this Angel:
Chris was one of the best friends I ever had. He was there when I needed him and I for him. He made me laugh and you know the saying the ones who love you most hurt you so we had our share of disagreements!
He did everything he ever could for troubled kids. He was bigger than life. He was one of those guys you loved or hated. He was hilarious. I remember him, my mom and I sitting on her front porch drinking beer and he had her laughing so hard she had tears and her stomach hurt.
He had taken in and adopted a boy named Jacob. He did alll he could for Jacob but the kid had demons. He killed himself just a month before Chris. I talked to him on Friday night and he promised he wouldn’t hurt himself…Monday I found out he had been found. He never was the same after Jacob. We’d lost several other friends.
I was so mad when I found out. He promised. He had just married Chrissy and she has a son, also Jacob. I think, honestly, he did it so they’d be OK….even in his last actions he was looking out for someone else.
I love you Patton. Always will.