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Personal Revolution: Break the Chains of Fear and Self Doubt


Paperback – January 21, 2019
by Joshua Spears (Author), Alyssa Hodge (Editor)

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A Personal Revolution is when you are able to make big and powerful changes in your life in a new and passionate way. This happens when we hear timeless ideas in a new and personal way.Personal Revolution is a story about a young boy growing up in an abusive home, being terrorized by bullies and eventually becoming one himself. Personal Revolution outlines how a person can come back from these challenging circumstances and build an amazing life. While many of us may not have had these difficult challenges we can all relate to feeling “less than” like we can’t measure up. We are all looking for a change on some level in our lives, Personal Revolution was written for people to help them find that next level…of themselves.It is not all about the story of the boy, it is as much about the reader as it is about the author. While the story gives an outline for the book the journey is filled with key ideas and some direct questions for the reader to ask themselves. It reads like novel but is interactive like a workbook at times. While we all have our own story and challenges, the ideas that will help us find our freedom are universal to all of us.They key ideas are timeless truths, they have been around since the beginning of time, a Personal Revolution is when we hear these timeless ideas in a new and powerful way and it changes us.How you see you: We all have our own challenges with self-image on some level. This outlines in fun and story filled way about how our self-image is shaped often incorrectly as well as the impact and how to repair it.How you see others: The roles people play in our lives, influences from the past, influences of the present and lastly how to learn from and lead people to have a positive impact on our future.How you see your future: This is an area of our lives as people that is often filled with fear. Thinking of the future is often filled with fear and doubt. From the High School student fearing leaving the home to the person closing in on retirement and all the while in between, change and the future often fill us with dread. Personal Revolution asks the reader some questions and transforms this fear into an intense excitement.Personal Revolution was written to help people, just like you see how amazing and unique you are!! It was written to show you that no matter what you have been through or are going through you have the ability to enjoy your ride through life. Today is the day, you make that decision, to try out these ideas and embrace them and let your Revolution begin!!


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