The Joshua York Legacy Foundation Fundraising Art Auction - September 27, 2019 - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

The Joshua York Legacy Foundation Fundraising Art Auction – September 27, 2019

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On September 27, 2019, what started off as a quiet evening being serenaded by the music of Kenny Peagler on the piano and mingling with special guests, Rodney Lavoie Jr and Kevin Schlehuber, turned into quite the night to remember. With a large audience in the seats, drinks in hand and stomachs full, we started the night with a single bid. Many went home with beautiful pieces from our private artist donations, and many more with other pieces as provided by Joseph Scott Galleries.

For those of you who were able to join usWe thank you for your support at this wonderful event. For those who missed out in the live auction, the event IS NOT OVER! We just launched, in coordination with Joseph Scott Galleries, an extended online auction where you can grab one of these beautiful pieces from the comfort of your own home, all while still supporting the Joshua York Legacy Foundation.

Visit and all you have to do is enter our unique password, jsgyork

The Joshua York Legacy Foundation was founded to raise awareness on Mental Health and prevention of Suicide through outreach, education and improving mental healthcare accessibility. Our focus is high risk groups including: LGBTQ+, students, veterans and more. We are “Strengthening Lives With Love” and encourage all to “Connect” with each other; “Recognize” the behavioral signs; and to “Act” before tragedy occurs.

Check out our past events, learn more about the foundation, or donate at:

The Joshua York Legacy Foundation is a 501C(3) non-profit public charity as determined by the IRS.

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