EP 8 - Our Elders Need Us (Meals On Wheels of College Park) - W/ Guest Lisa Ealley | Joshua York Legacy Foundation

In today’s episode we dive into how the pandemic is effecting our elders and how Lisa’s amazing team of about 75 volunteers at Meals on Wheels of College Park are taking on the challenge to ensure that they get a balanced diet in a time where leaving the home or having visitors is so limited. We also hear about her other foundation, The Michael D. Maxwell Foundation for Mental Awareness and how they are creating safe spaces in schools around the area to provide a space for students to chill out and take a break from the stressors and anxiety issues they face while at school.

For more information about Meals on Wheels of College Park or to get involved, visit www.mealsonwheelsofcollegepark.org or call (301) 474-1002.

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