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The Impact of Kindness…

Aug 8, 2019 | Outreach | 1 comment

Good Samaritan Day…

I was on my way into work this morning when I witnessed a women, from vehicle pictured above, nearly killed by a driver who tried to dart onto the shoulder to avoid traffic. I decided to pull over and ask if she needed assistance. Her right rear tire was blown out and she had two young ladies in the car – I was lucky not to witness a tragedy. I quickly pulled her tire off and ran her to Firestone on Eastern Ave. Charles Freeman, the service manager, gave her the best possible deal he was able to give and had her tire repaired immediately. During our brief time together she told me they were on their way to a graduation ceremony. She offered me money for gas – which I refused – and called me her angel. I stated, “We all need angel once in awhile, today I’m happy to be yours.”

She saw the child seat and baby base in my back seat and asked if I had children. Being a proud parent, I of course shared some details of my family – including the loss of my son Joshua approximately one year ago. I instantly felt like I had shared to much as her eyes welled up tears. She has five children too, including one with depression. While we waited for the tire to be repaired, we talked about The Joshua York Legacy Foundation and our Facebook group “Suicide Prevention Rocks“. She gave me a hug and thanked me for the help.

We headed back to her car, put the tire on just as a police officer arrived for added protection against the traffic. Before departing, she asked for my business card and again offered me money for gas. Instead of taking money for gas I gave her the JYLF art card containing our mission statement and a photo of Joshua, and a JYLF suicide prevention wristband for each of them. One more hug and I was back in my vehicle. I sat and watched as the police officer escorted her to the nearest gas station to get air in another tire. Hopefully her daughter will make it to her graduation ceremony in time. ???

As I drove to my next destination I reflected on all the positive interaction I just had with a complete stranger. Honestly, I didn’t even catch her name. But what I did catch was the gleam in her eyes as her children saw first hand that there are good people in this world. Once again, I was guided to help another – to show kindness. I pulled over for a moment. Sitting in my vehicle I wanted to soak it all in. I needed to feel those positive emotions that finally began to flow from the experience.

Life is grand when you can help another…

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  1. Jason

    I’m proud to call you family! Everyone taking interest in THE JYLF should also be proud to call you family, as they are our family! ❤️


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