JYLF Partners with Crafty Croc | Joshua York Legacy Foundation

Two groups with a heart for good causes are coming together to share their talents and resources. Bill York, the founder and chairman of the Joshua York Foundation, recently reached out to Crafty Croc on a whim.

Initially, he was hoping to secure a small financial donation or perhaps raffle prizes to help spread their message inside the Suicide Prevention Rocks Facebook Group. Instead, the leadership at Crafty Croc spent several hours talking with Bill and brainstorming ways to make a longer lasting impact.

As a result of their discussions, they’re announcing an ongoing sponsorship from Crafty Croc with direct and ongoing financial support to the Joshua York Foundation and Suicide Prevention Rocks. As an added bonus, the group members will be rewarded with an exclusive and ongoing coupon code worth 15% off their purchase of Crafty Croc’s Acrylic Paint Marker set. Most importantly, every purchase will help to further the foundation’s message about suicide awareness and prevention.

Future plans between the two groups are already in discussion. With the support of their amazing communities of compassionate artists they are prepared for a long lasting partnership.

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Crafty Croc Acrylic Paint Pens

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