The Angel Project: Forging a Digital Resting Place to those Lost By Suicide - Joshua York Legacy Foundation

The Angel Project: Forging a Digital Resting Place to those Lost By Suicide

Feb 9, 2022 | Outreach | 0 comments

The Angel Project

The Joshua York Legacy Foundation’s Angel Project is a virtual memorial dedicated to the memories of the unfortunate many lost to us by Suicide. These Angels are our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, other families and friends. Their memories will live on forever in the hearts of those still living, as we use our life to carry their legacies.

Why did you create the Angel Project?

Back when we lost our beloved Josh York to suicide in July 2018, it was very important to us that we make a difference in his name. Josh’s parents, Dawn York and BillJoshua York York, came up with the idea to kick off the Joshua York Legacy Foundation and brought me (Josh Chretien) on board. Yes we were both named Josh.

It has always been our goal to make an impact in the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention space, but we needed something more than what we already had going. Something that could allow others to memorialize their loved ones in the same way our website does for Josh. That’s when I came up with the Angel Project.

What is the Angel Project for?

The Angel Project is quite simply an online database of those that we have lost to suicide. It’s a place that we are using to begin collecting the names, photos, and stories of those wonderful humans that lost their battle to Mental Health. A virtual space for them to be remembered. It’s a place that many turn to now to remind themselves of the amazing human they lost. A place to raise awareness and continue the conversation around the fact that the battle against Mental Health is never over.

washington dc memorialsWhat is the future goal of The Angel Project?

Our goal is to one day establish a physical memorial, to honor the lives of those that we lost to this tragic cause – and it all starts with awareness and this virtual project. Our goals are huge on this, but with your help we can make it come true.

Our hope and goals for the future of this project is that there will be a wall, or a physical place that you will be able to come and visit one day, where your loved one, or even those of total strangers to you, will be prominently displayed. So you can hear their stories in a place of solitude and recount the positive memories you may have.

Think of the memorials throughout our nations Capitol, Washington, D.C. But ours will be dedicated to those lost by suicide. There are some amazing people we’ve lost, and we want to highlight every single person.

How can I share my angel?

We are always accepting submissions for the Angel Project on our website, and submitting your angel is an easy process.

1. Visit

2. Click on “Submit Your Angel” (below the search bar)


3. Fill out the form

4. Be patient with us. Due to the nature of this memorial, we process each and every request manually to ensure there are no triggering words or phrases as well as to ensure the entire listing is completed.

What makes an acceptable Angel Submission?

We want to highlight everyone. This means that 99.99% of all submissions are accepted without an issue. What stops that process is including anything in your submission that describes method of suicide, or anything that can be considered triggering to the reader.

We are here to provide a welcoming and safe space for those to be remembered, please keep it clean and safe.

How will I know my Angel is accepted and approved?

We aim to send out emails to people when their Angel is approved in the database, but please keep checking back on the site, where you can search for your Angel on the Angel Project page.

Due to the number of requests we receive, sometimes it does happen that we miss sending out an email. We’re working on an automated way to handle the email aspect, but this is a newer project and we want to do it right the first time, so please just be patient with us and take note of the search bar.

What are some other ways to get involved with the Joshua York Legacy Foundation?


We are building our army of volunteers and continually looking to expand our community with loving people with the right tools in their belt to help us grow and make even more of an impact. If you think you fit that description then reach out to us via the Volunteer Form which can be found on our homepage, and let’s see where we can use your help! We need all the support we can get in this world – so your services can be converted to volunteering with us!

We are leading with compassion, and are sure we can make a difference in the world. Your help on that mission is greatly appreciated.

We are able to continue building out new projects and ways to make a difference because of the wonderful people like you who make a donation to the cause. Other gifts are accepted in the form of donation, but if you have a question or want to know more you can reach out to us via the Contact Page!

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