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Suicide in the US is at epidemic proportions hitting an all time high in 2016. So many families have been devastated. The York family are sharing their story of losing their son Joshua to depression that was caused by sexual assault. Bill York joins me to talk about how and why his family founded the Joshua York Legacy Foundation, shared some of the tools to help with grief, agencies that were integral to their healing like Pro Bono Counseling and their events at Points South Latin Kitchen in Baltimore.

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William York

Author: William York

In military terms, I’m known as a “Maverick,” meaning I began my career as enlisted and finished as an officer. Six years of my enlisted service were spent investigating major crimes committed by and against USAF personnel. During that time, I investigated many violet acts, including child physical and sexual abuse, rape, murder, and suicide. As a commissioned officer responsible for those in my command, my experience with suicide continued to grow. I was able to help save lives by recognizing signs and ensuring they received mental health assessments and the help they needed.