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Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Sep 1, 2020 | Guest Posts | 0 comments

I learned over the past few years that necessity really is the mother of invention. Diagnosed with anorexia and psychosis, I endured two eight-week hospitalizations and almost six months at a residential treatment center. None of these places did an adequate job connecting the body and mind. As a result, I suffered repeated setbacks including suicidal thoughts, binge eating, and lack of confidence in my looks.

If I wanted to recover for the long term, I had to find a way turn the page. Little-by-little, I developed a daily routine that drew upon many resources. These included my experience as a personal trainer, credentialing in yoga, and passion for natural health. My practice gradually came together, changing my outlook and my life.

The holistic approach that I designed is based on three principles:

Awaken Your Body

This can be done through any activity that fosters physical and sensory awareness. My top three methods for awakening my body include skincare, music, and fitness. I find daily inspiration using my facial steamer and foam rolling to classical or rap.

Look Your Best

Self-care is about empowering yourself to make healthy choices. Nourishment, sleep, and clothing are critical to looking your best. Food and good rest are rejuvenating. Clothing is a wonderful way to express yourself and embody creativity.

Balance Your Lifestyle

Practicing open communication, being mindful of others, and reaching out for support are several ways to balance your lifestyle. These techniques will increase your confidence to interact with other people and enjoy healthy relationships.

I learned the hard way that self-care isn’t selfish. Setting the intention to feel better about yourself shouldn’t be painful. Doing so is an essential piece of mental healthcare alongside conventional medicine that deserves wide recognition. Self-care is critical to promoting prevention and preventing relapse, and it enriches treatment.

What do you do for self-care? Share your experiences in an upcoming virtual event with Laura Yochelson and the Joshua York Legacy Foundation on September 13, 2020 at 4PM EST on our Facebook Group at Suicide Prevention Rocks!

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